Juli Sweet has a passion for Avant-Garde Fashion and Accessories. The JOY Concept Store in St.Moritz is the international arena for presenting this passion. “The store is at the forefront of trendsetters. Its seek out the extraordinary before it surfaces. They are the Vanguard".

The concept store is respected and well-reputed in the fashion world. The selection and wild mix at the store are as unique as its exclusive brands found almost nowhere else in Europe. Many of the Customers fly in from Moscow, London or Vienna just to go shopping In St.Moritz.

But JOY offers more than exclusive fashions. JOY is also an international hub of exclusive accessories from around the world. They cover the gamut, from interior design and architecture, too culture, music and art, the international multibrand character is evident everywhere.

The items are each intentionally chosen for uniqueness. They often reflect the special style of important cities from Japan or from America the home of Juli Sweet. Studying fashion in Paris and New York Juli feels right at home in nearly all the fashion centers of the world. She goes out to them to find rarities for premiering in St.Moritz.

Together with Kurt R. Ulmer, Juli Sweet has retained her California lightness, and in their joint spirit of cosmopolitanism, they have created a magnetic meeting point in the heart of St. Moritz. With so much effort and dead-on instinct, you can be sure they will bring all the future trends to St. Moritz from Tokyo, Paris or London, from Los Angeles and São Paulo.

Shopping at JOY is an experience for the clientele. In short, the customers here are true individuals and find fashions no one else is wearing yet.

Avantgarde at its best! JOY St.Moritz, For the pure pleasure of joy.....